The name Puzata Khata has originated from two Ukrainian words; ‘Puzo’ and ‘Khata’ where ‘Puzo’ means ‘belly’ and ‘khata’ means a traditional shack or hut. This place is more of pay-per-plate restaurant, like in ‘Picadili’ that people from the states will be aware of. It is popular gourmet house for the local population of Ukraine. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the prices are very affordable, leaving the hungry hearts satisfied. On weekends a huge queue is witnessed in this restaurant, especially in the peak hours.

Seeing the queue of people one can actually assume the quality and taste of food produced here. Though the food is delicious but sometimes they are lukewarm to suit the typical traditions of Ukraine. Just for an amount of $US 12 two people can eat like gluts and be filled up to their throat, the quantity served here is more than equivalent to the cost. One can easily skip few meals of the day after eating in Puzata Khata. Tourists in Ukraine should not miss out on this restaurant. It is one of the main hubs of the city.

Puzata Khata has three outlets throughout Ukraine and is situated at corners where it is easy to locate. One of the outlets is across the market at Bessarabski, through the right of the second arch of the Metro station at Khreshatik, on the right turning from McDonald’s. The second outlet is placed at Kontraktova Square, near the metro station. The third outlet is placed at Sahaidachnoho Street, opposite Bohorodytsi Pyrohoschi.