Kiev has numerous architectural landmarks that portray the interests of empires in history nurturing interests over buildings. St Sophia’s Cathedral is also one among famous tourist attraction at Kiev. The basic design of cathedral shows importance given to building styles. One could witness rich expertise in building towering structures quite effortlessly exhibited. There are totally thirteen domes that are furnished in gold. The St Sophia’s Cathedral is recently inducted into UNESCO’s World Heritage. This has even amplified already spreading laurels of Kiev’s architectural wealth. This cathedral has gathered its name from Hagia Sophia cathedral located at Constantinople.

This cathedral at Constantinople had its establishment during sixth century. Initially, St Sophia Cathedral was utilized as prime spot for burial of dignified emperors of Kiev. Due to lack of proper care, Cathedral had witnessed slow destruction on some localized regions.

Later this issue was critically analyzed to institute rebuilding whole structure in the year 1740. The form that St Sophia’s Cathedral holds now is rebuilt structure of old cathedral. St Sophia’s Cathedral had witnessed change of administration quite frequently. Finally it is now being used as museum that displays all the features of Christianity. The visitors are allowed inside the cathedral on payment of suitable admission fee. Thus this cathedral can provide ample opportunity for tourists to learn.